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Full Service Care…High Quality Care…High Quality Caring

David B Schwartz, DDS & Associates is a dental practice in Skokie, IL that delivers full service and high quality care from a highly professional and caring staff.

Full Service Care

David B Schwartz, DDS & Associates offers a full array of dental services to help you maintain healthy teeth. 

High Quality Care

Here is what high quality care means when you visit our office:

  • Professional staff.  David B. Schwartz, DDS has been a practicing dentist for more than 25 years.  Dr Schwartz and his staff of dentists, hygienists and dental assistants are experienced at diagnosing and treating any dental need you may have.  
  • The most up to date dental technology, including:
    • The most advanced X-ray machines (digital radiography) that significantly reduce the amount of radiation and also allow us to more easily identify changes in the tooth and bone structures
    • Ultrasonic scalers to more efficiently and comfortably remove tartar and stains
    • In-operatory monitors which allow us to show you the condition of the teeth and bones

High Quality Caring

Caring bedside manner is not a term normally used in describing dentists.  But that is the best phrase we can think of to describe the attention you will receive when you come to our office.  We will take as much time as you need to explain any dental problems you may have and then discuss alternatives from both a clinical and financial perspective.  We will provide literature that may help you.  And we will counsel you on the best ways to maintain and improve your dental health during and after treatment.  We do all of this with smiles on our faces.       

Be Informed

The more informed you are, the better prepared you will be to make decisions regarding your health and well being.  We encourage you to look through the educational materials here to learn more.